Complaints Handling Procedure

As a small partnership business we operate a simple customer-complaint handling procedure designed to resolve complaints quickly and inexpensively.  We recognise that most complaints are genuine and represent an opportunity to improve how we do business and the services we provide to our customers.


We want to clearly identify when a complaint is being made.  If you are not sure if you want to complain (ie make a formal complaint) then please contact us to discuss the issue, as it may be that there is simply a misunderstanding that can easily be corrected informally.


We want to understand why you are unhappy with us and your reasons for making or considering making a complaint. We want you to be a happy customer of ours.


We want to handle your complaint as quickly as possible and part of that is formally acknowledging a complaint and setting out a timeline for resolving it.  We will normally respond initially within two working days, and seek further information from you if we cannot determine immediately the full extent or nature of your complaint.    


We want to understand what outcome you are seeking from your complaint and we will try to offer options for complaint resolution.


If your complaint involves issues such as problems with our Carriers or the postal service, we may have to ask you for information or evidence which we can then take to a third party as part of investigating the complaint.  That could for example include a Police incident or crime number if it involves theft of Goods being delivered to you and thus something we cannot investigate directly.   


Once we have investigated your complaint we will share our findings with you to the fullest extent that we can, and explain why we believe your complaint to either be valid, partially valid or not valid, and what actions we are thus proposing to take. 


If we decide that you are reasonably due some form of additional recompense (i.e. beyond anything already required under your legal rights and the Statutory provisions governing the conduct of any business in the UK) we will discuss appropriate options with you, which may include offering a refund, discount, voucher or free Goods.


If we cannot resolve your complaint we will proceed as per the provisions in our terms and conditions.


Please note that we will not assume that a return of Goods to us for refund within the 14 days allowed for under distance selling regulations constitutes a complaint.  If you are returning Goods and have a complaint then please make that clear on the return form or email.

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