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SALLY GUNN ART LLP - Terms and Conditions

Last Updated 4 June 2019


We believe that you should know exactly what we are offering, how the booking, payment, amendment and cancellation processes work for all tuition and courses on offer, and what options you have.  Therefore we have set out extensive information below in plain English to inform and guide you: these are our Terms and Conditions (T&C).  If you are unsure about any part of the T&C, or have a question that you cannot find an answer to below or anywhere else on the website, then please just get in contact and we will answer your questions.  


We reserve the right to vary these T&C but will only do so within the guidelines provided by the Competition and Markets Authority, known as the “Fair terms for your customers”, and in compliance with the Consumer Rights Act 2015.   Under the CMA-recommended practices we aim to make our T&C both plain and intelligible, and up-front and open, so that you can make informed choices and also know and clearly understand what your responsibilities to us are.    


Throughout the T&Cs, the following definitions apply:


The term “you” or “your” applies to the client or clients making the booking or using any other service we offer, and/or the users of any gift voucher making a booking who thus become the client.


A “painter” is a client who is participating in an Art Course and/or receiving tuition.


A “non-painting partner” is someone accompanying a “painter” but who is not taking part in the Art Course or receiving tuition.  A full-time carer accompanying a “painter” with special support needs is covered by the term “non-painting partner”.


The terms “us”, “we” or “our” refer to Sally Gunn Art LLP and the responsibility Sally Gunn Art LLP bears for any services you are purchasing from us.


An "Art Course" may comprise one or more contiguous days of tuition, and/or blocks of tuition hours which can be used up over a number of days or weeks as mutually agreed, normally in two-hour or three-hour sessions.


Health and Safety:


At all times all guests and participants in Art Courses and/or receiving tuition are responsible for their own safety and must at all times act with the safety of themselves and other guests in mind.  Art Courses are not a high-risk activity, but we will advise you of any hazardous substances or other potential risks during the introduction session.  You must advise us of any hazardous items that you bring with you. 


Please note that smoking is not permitted in any building (studio or accommodation) during any Art Course; designated outdoor smoking areas will be provided.


Art Course Details and Tariffs:


The Art Courses and tuition we offer are aimed primarily at those painting in watercolours, gouache, acrylics and on silk; if a particular theme or medium is being covered on a course it will be noted in the details for that course.  We can also cover aspects of sketching and using pastels, and the use of mixed media is encouraged as an excellent way to explore new ideas and techniques.  One-to-one tuition is the best option for those wishing to try a range or media and materials.  However, the Art Courses do not cover the use of Oil Paints in any form, so please remember this when booking, and especially if buying a course as a gift for another artist.


The maximum Art Course size at the studio in Auldearn will be 4 students.  For any other courses the minimum and maximum numbers will be as noted in the information given about each event.


It is not uncommon for participants in Art Courses or receiving tuition to be concerned that they will somehow “be out of their depth”, or that what they thought they needed help with when they booked their course or tuition has changed by the time they actually start.  Please do not worry about this; we will always aim to tailor the Art Course contents dynamically to meet the needs of the artists on the day, and may pair or group artists together in ways that will be supportive and productive.  It does help if you can arrive ready with some ideas about what it is you want to get out of the course, but it is also OK to arrive just wanting some help to assess your strengths and weaknesses and work out in what directions you could be taking your art.  


For non-residential courses of more than two hours duration there will normally be light refreshments (tea, coffee etc) available, and a light lunch for those courses taking place over a full day (nominally 10:00 am to 4:00 pm).  If you have any special dietary requirements please let us know at the time of booking.


Tuition will be in English, but the tutor may be able to offer some tuition in French, and can also speak some German and Norwegian.


The studio space in Auldearn has reasonable disability access and we welcome disabled painters and non-painting partners alike.  We can also cater for painters with continuous support needs and who therefore need their full-time carers to be with them throughout the Art Course.  However, unsupported wheelchair user access to toilet facilities may not be possible and it is best to call us to discuss your individual access needs ahead of booking as we can then make sure that we can offer you the best possible service according to your specific needs and preferences.


You will find more details below about what materials we recommend for Art Courses.  For those who are not sure what to bring or who want to try out something new, we can offer packs of high-quality professional-grade materials appropriate to the media (eg watercolour, acrylic or pastels) that you want to use.  You will have the option to order these packs as part of the booking process subject to availability and payment in advance.


The rates for the courses are shown against each course description.  Please check carefully to ensure that you understand what is covered by the fees and if in doubt, please call to ask for clarification or further details.


How to book: 


For all courses or blocks of tuition, please e-mail us with your requirements at   We will normally require payment in advance, but may offer the option of a deposit for groups booking together or when booking a block of tuition hours or course days at once.


Booking confirmations will be sent to the (email) address you provide when booking; you must check the confirmation carefully to ensure that it has the correct details for painters.


If using the deposit option, the full payment must be made by you no later than 4 weeks before the Art Course starts, unless agreed otherwise by us.  You are responsible for making the full payment on time and we are not required to send or responsible for issuing any reminder to you about the payment due date.  The deposit secures your booking and is partially refundable under the conditions listed below.   We will normally refund your full deposit if you cancel within 48 hours of making your booking provided that this is still more than 4 weeks before the Art Course starts.


If you want to buy an Art Course as a present for someone else to use, we will issue you with a voucher code or card, normally valid for Art Courses scheduled in the next 6 months, or for a set number of hours of tuition.  The gift recipient can then use their voucher to book places on any Art Course that has space on it or to book blocks of tuition hours.  We recommend that recipients book quickly after receiving their gift to ensure that they get the best choice of dates.  Gift vouchers are fully refundable within 28 days of issue if not used, but thereafter any refunds will be at our discretion and my be reduced to cover reasonable incurred costs.  The period of validity of a voucher may be extended subject to our agreement, but please get in contact with us early if you need to discuss extending the validity of a gift voucher.


Cancellations and Amendments:


We know that sometimes things do not quite go to plan and you may wish to either cancel your booking, amend the numbers attending, or seek to postpone or reschedule your Art Course or tuition. 


Once booked, if you wish to change the people attending a course taking place in Auldearn, a change to the details of the people attending should be notified in advance, and if any additional persons are attending this must be agreed by us and paid for in advnce.


If you have to cancel your Art Course for one or more participants more than 4 weeks ahead of your course start date, then we will endeavour to refund as much of your deposit as we can, and if possible we will offer those cancelling an alternative date for a course which may however be at a different total cost.  Please call to discuss the options as we will always try to find a workable solution, which could also include you transferring your existing booking to a friend, relative or other substitute.


If you have to cancel your course less than 4 weeks before it starts we will not normally refund the deposit, but will refund the remaining course fees if we manage to fill the cancelled place(s) with another artist.  If we cannot fill the place(s) we will retain the element of the course fees that we have already committed to spending (ie to cover our own non-recoverable costs and commitments), and seek to refund the remainder.  If you want to rebook on a later course when cancelling the original one, we will try to minimise the additional cost.  Put simply, the later you cancel, the less money you are likely to get back, and if you cancel in the 3 days before the start date you may get no refund at all.  Again, please call immediately to discuss the options if you think that you may have to cancel.


If we have to cancel an Art Course for any reason then we will offer you the option to book on another course, to have a full refund, or to convert your booking to a gift option for someone else that can be used on any available date in (at least) the next 6 months.  Our liability only extends to the tuition being provided by us; we cannot be held liable for any consequential costs such as accommodation, transport or re-arrangement of other parts of your trip. 


Please note that we do not offer refunds for any meals included in any package but not taken by you at the time. 


In all cases we recommend that if you are not local to the Highlands then you have suitable travel insurance in place that will cover you for trip cancellation or curtailment for any reason, including cancellation by us, or illness, injury or travel disruption affecting you.  




If you need collection from/to the airport or railway station and want us to arrange this then please let us know at the time of booking and we will endeavour to make suitable arrangements with estimated costs.  You must confirm your planned timings and passenger numbers with us at least 48 hours ahead of arrival, including flight numbers or train route and times. Glebe House is about 200m from the bus stop in Auldearn and has some parking space for cars.




Children 14 and over who are attending with a painting parent (or other responsible adult painter) are welcome on the Art Courses.  It may also be possible to accommodate those 16 or over without (parental) supervision, subject to our agreement before booking.  Painters with “babes in arms” (nominally up to 9 months old and not yet proficient crawlers!) can bring their child along to the Art Courses as long as they understand that this may limit what they can do and achieve during the course; those with twins etc may need to bring a non-painting carer with them as we do not offer child-minding or crèche services.  Women wishing to breastfeed babies can do so in the studio or can have a quiet and more private space if they prefer that.  Please let us know in advance, ideally at the time of booking, if planning to bring a baby along so we can make sure that your needs are met as best able.




For day courses it may be possible to accommodate painters who have to bring a dog with them to Auldearn, but please do check in advance as this option is not guaranteed.  If you wish to bring any other type of pet please ask beofre booking.




We may take photos or shoot video during our Art Courses, including photos of your work in progress and when completed.  We reserve the right to use any photos or video taken as marketing material, whether used in printed documents, websites or social media.  You will retain the copyright to your original work but under this condition you provide us with an enduring permission to reproduce that work for our marketing activities only.  Your attendance signifies your acceptance of this permission unless you state otherwise at the beginning of your Art Course.

Tuition timing:


Tuition will normally take place from 10:00 am though to 4:00 pm with a break for lunch around 12:30 pm if attending for a full day.  The studio will not be open before 09:30 am or after 4:30 pm on these days.  Some courses may start earlier or extend into the evenings if specially requested; details will be noted against each course when advertised.


What is included for the Art Course painters: 


Tuition and basic enabling equipment such as easels, aprons, water jars, palette trays and kitchen roll.  Tea, coffee and water in the studio, and a light lunch for full day courses.


What is not included for the Art Course painters: 


Materials, media, paper, brushes and paints unless you have purchased a pack when booking or we have agreed to prvide some materials as part of pre-paid block of tuition.


A purchased pack (that you take home with you) will typically include:


Appropriate good-quality paper, primed canvasses and/or board, not normally larger than ‘half imperial’ (61 x 45 cm or 24” x 18”). 

The watercolour paper will either be 300lb/640gsm NOT (a medium texture) which does not need stretching, or 140lb/300gsm NOT or similar.  140lb paper will normally be provided on a stretcher board but please note that the stretcher board is not part of the pack and therefore the paper must either be removed from the board at the end of the course, or the board it is on purchased if you want to take it away.

A suitable range of paints, normally Winsor and Newton Professional range in tubes, with at least 6 essential colours including white.

A minimum of 3 high-quality brushes.

For sketching or pastel packs you will get a range of high-quality pencils and charcoal sticks, or pastels, plus a suitable pad or sheets of paper, and /or board.


What you should bring with you:


Your own painting materials and media, with a suitable range of colours, brushes etc including a couple of larger or wash brushes and your preferred paper, board or canvasses. 

Although we will provide an apron, suitable clothing for both indoor and outdoor painting is advised.  Feel free to bring your laptop or tablet, camera (mobile phone camera may be sufficient) and a notebook.  You are also welcome to bring own easel if you wish, especially if you have a high-quality one that you are used to using.


What we may offer on the day:


We understand that you may arrive and discover that you have left a vital piece of equipment, paint, brush or other necessity behind, or find that you discover something new and essential whilst on the course.  Therefore we will have a limited range of items available for sale on site during the day, but we are not operating a fully-stocked art supplies shop.  For those coming from some distance away, if you end up with an artwork too large to take home with you in your luggage, we can arrange to ship it to your home at your expense.


Website use T&Cs, copyright, security of your information and payment details, and Data Protection:


When you visit our website or send emails to us, you are in communication with us electronically.  We will communicate with you by email and/or by posting information on our website. For all contractual purposes you consent to receive communications from us electronically and you agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communication that we provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.


All material and photographs on the Sally Gunn Art LLP website are subject to copyright and must not be transmitted or reproduced in any form without our express permission.


You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any account you have that has access to our website and usernames and passwords that give access to your devices or our website through your devices.


We will abide by the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 and other relevant legislation.  Any data we hold on you will be appropriately secured and used for the purposes of processing payments and keeping a record of attendance on Art Courses, and, with your opt-in permission, for information updates and direct marketing by us to you.  


Marketing communication and opt-out:


We may use emails to you for the purposes of marketing, newsletter distribution, special offers, asking for feedback, etc, all on a limited basis and only if you have opted-in for these communications.  If you no longer wish to receive emails from us please let us know and we will remove you from the distribution list.


These Terms and Conditions do not affect your statutory rights.



Sally Gunn Art LLP is a partnership between Sally Gunn (artist) Mark Gunn (business manager).


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